About Me

I am Catherine Gunther, a binary option trader &  financial consultant with over 11 years of experience in trading.

  • I am Catherine Günther, account service manager, and market researcher.
  • I always make my best effort to provide high-quality service. I’m grateful to my beloved investors for referring my services to their relatives and friends.
  • I have 11 years of experience in investing in managed accounts. My clients always pay for the result, and I do not charge any fees in advance.
  • We cooperate on a profit share basis, so you can stay assured that I will treat your trading account like my own.
  • My trading strategies are based on Nobel Prize-winning academic research. It explains how markets really work. Moreover, it shows how to invest more smartly.

Why should you hire my services?

I guarantee my clients large returns on all investments. You as a client have full control over your trading account at all times.


I’ve worked with Goldman Sachs and with 3 Investment/Brokerage firms throughout my career, accumulating 50 state brokerage licenses and passed 7 brokerage qualification examinations.

What Services Will You Get?

I offer a wide range of virtual and personalized financial planning services, including broker services, retirement planning, financial advising and specialized solutions.

What is a Managed Trading Account?

A managed trading account is a fully segregated account individually owned by the investor at a brokerage firm, but traded by a professional trader or money manager on their behalf.

Client Control

Clients retain complete control over their accounts, as their money managers are granted “trade only” access to the accounts.

Managed Accounts Adequacy

It allows you to get on with your day-to-day business while we work/make trade selections on your behalf. Secondly, investors often get a more significant rate of return than individuals trading on their own.

Unique Structure

Managed accounts are a very unique and well-structured model.

My Commitment

I am committed to ensuring that my clients continue to make large returns on all investments using our managed account services.

Catherine Gunther.