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Insurance Mitigation

Insurance Mitigation

I assist my clients in reducing risk of loss from the occurrence of any undesirable event.

Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

One of my strengths is to offer the best financial consulting services to my clients bringing them closer to financial freedom.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

I offer the top quality portfolio management service to my clients with guaranteed high returns on all investments with me.

Risk Management

Risk Management

I pride myself in making very large returns for my clients through proper risk management.


I am Catherine Gunther, a Binary Option Trader & Financial Consultant with  over 11 years of trading experience.


I’ve worked with Goldman Sachs and 3 Investment/Brokerage firms throughout my career, accumulating 50 state brokerage licenses and passing 7 brokerage qualification examinations.

What Services Will You Get?

I offer a wide range of virtual and personalized financial planning services, including broker services, retirement planning, financial advising and specialized solutions.

What is a Managed Trading Account?

A managed trading account is a fully segregated account individually owned by the investor at a brokerage firm but traded by a professional trader or money manager on their behalf.

Client Control

Clients retain full control over their accounts at all time, as their money managers are granted “trade only” access to the accounts.

Managed Accounts Adequacy

It allows you to get on with your day to day business while we work/make trade selections on your behalf. Secondly, investors often get a larger rate of return than individuals trading on their own.

Unique Structure

It is crucial to know that managed trading accounts are unique and a very well-structured model.

Why Do Investors Choose to Work with Me?

Investors choose to collaborate with me because I am committed to ensuring that my clients earn high returns through our managed trading accounts.

  • Pay for result: I don’t charge any fees in advance. We work on a profit-sharing basis. Thus, I make money when you do. So you can be sure I treat your account like mine.
  • Integrity and control: The managed account remains in your name and ownership, and you have complete control over your investments.
  • Flexibility: Only the investor has access to deposit or funds withdrawal from the account.
  • Transparency: You have access to your managed investment account 24/7. In other words, you keep an eye on what is happening with your money. Also, you can view all your closed trades and their profits.
  • Security: I trade only fully regulated markets (crypto trading and binary options) to secure your investments — no over-the-counter instruments.

My Commitment

I am committed to ensuring that my clients continue to make large returns on all investments using our managed account services.

Catherine Gunther, Asset Manager

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